We provide free technical support to our customers for 14 days from date of purchase.

After this period, we also provide free assistance by e-mail.


We offer assistance in solving problems, writing production programs and defining new components.

We provide training and offer support during software implementation and integration of existing systems with new software.


ProSMT + is a full set of tools to support and manage production on older machines FUJI:

  • GP2, GP6, GSP2, GSP5
  • GL2, GL5, GL541
  • CP2, CP3, CP4, CP42, CP43, CP6, CP642, CP643
  • IP1, IP2, IP3
  • QP242

ProSMT + includes modules for creating production programs, monitoring equipment and analyzing the production process. Developed as an economical solution to replacing the computer system based on MCS VME/68k.

All production data are provided by database solutions (Borland Inc. Interbase ® / Firebird ® SQL Server) and can be shared over the network. The system controls up to 8 machines in one production line.

The application runs on a standard PC or laptop running Windows ® NT/2000/XP/Vista/7.



Pattern Program Generator (PPG) is a utility designed to generate production programs (patterns) for Universal Instruments Co.® machines to through hole (THT).

PPG generates production programs based on file BOM (Bill Of Material) and the CAD data of the product. Generated production programs are distributed on the processes of vertical and horizontal mounting. The output is compatible with all inserter types axial, radial, and sequencers.

In addition, PPG has a terminal as an alternative to the PPU, which can be purchased separately.

The application runs on a standard PC or laptop running Windows ® 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7.