Cencorp odd-form solutions are designed for high volume and high mix production.
The target industries are automotive electronics, industry electronics and consumer electronics.

The goal of automation is cost–effectiveness in the form of consistent quality, and cost reduction. In some cases, benefits include the accomplishment of tasks that are impossible to perform manually to specifications. As products are involving more functions at the same time as their sizes are decreasing, they may become too small to manage manually, or require a precision, which is impossible to handle manually.

These benefits are accomplished through improvements:

  • in assembly reliability
  • labor savings
  • assembly yield improvements
  • floor space savings
  • and optimization of processes

Odd-form process automation is an efficient way to improve profitability in an area where an otherwise smooth running production line usually slows down. Automation here improves profitability significantly by increasing the throughput and assembly quality.

  • Accurate
  • Flexibility
  • Insertion Head
  • Feeders
  • Operating system
  • Vision Systems
  • Clinching Unit
  • Quality control
  • Production control
  • Platform concept
-   Axis repeatability +/-0.03
-   Quick automated products changes
-   Can handle complex shape and size components
-   Various packaging types and 3rd part feeders as well
-   Windows based easy system
-   Correction of PCB and component position
-   Insert in all angles and lead check
-   Component quality verification (leadscan,polarity check)
-   CIS - iSolutions
-   Common spares & modules with router solutions

A leading manufacturer of VLT frequency drives Danfoss Drives A/S has successfully automated its PCB production with Cencorp odd from assembly machines more than ten years. Cencorp odd form solutions combined to complete production management software by Cencorp have improved customers production throughput, quality and brought the cost effectiveness.

1000 OF | Odd-form Assembly
noimageOdd-form component placement is where the otherwise smoothly running production line usually slows down. Here automation improves profitability significantly.
The 4th generation Cencorp 1000 OF automates tasks which in other machines either need manual intervention or special tools to make a product change-over. It is also very easy to program.

As a part of the totally new Cencorp 1000 platform, Cencorp 1000 OF offers a full range of feeders to provide the highest flexibility and best price/ performance ratio in odd-form component placement. The feeder family has been renewed, and the new pricing strategy offers major cost savings.
You will find a summarized payback analysis for a board with 20 components and nine feeders on the right. The configuration includes active servo controlled clinching and a servo gripper.

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