Over 1 million new mobile phones are tested daily using Cencorp test-handling equipment.We have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing automated test equipment and test-handling solutions. Our expertise covers ICT testing and flash software downloading as well as RF-testing, tuning, labeling and alignment testing.

Our test handlers are designed for applications where automation gives absolute advantages in terms of precision and efficiency compared to manual testing. The test target can be a PCB, a module or an end product.Our innovative and patented multilevel tester concept enables the possibility of running different tests simultaneously. This makes it more flexible than any other in-line test handling device yet seen.

noimageRemoving testing bottlenecks
SL501 gives the possibility to use parallel test processes without blocking the line. Due to pass through feature (during test process), capacity can be easily increased.

The best choice for low cost automated testing
When you are looking for a solution which ensures that the testing phase is not a bottleneck in your production in terms of a Quality, Cycle time, Change-over time and Maintenance - this machine is your choice!

Providing flexibility and efficiency
Cencorp has over 10-years of experience built into this 3rd generation test solution. The graphical user interface makes the system easy to program and operate to different test processes. It is easily connected to a different test platforms and it’s not dependent on special hardware or software.

Platform and module strategy
Our standard solutions are based on one platform and module strategy. If required, customer specific modules can be created to meet the testing process requirements. In effect, more testing power can be packed in a smaller space. The SL501 is used in functional testing, camera checking, software downloading, boundary scan tests, RF measurements and different electrical measurements.

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    noimageCurrent testing solutions provide only one test per unit, wasting valuable time in transferring products from one test to another. Using multiple testers also uses up costly production space.
    To solve this issue, the Cencorp 2000 ML handles up to eight test boxes in one and same machine using multiple conveyor transfer lifters. In addition to this, multiple test processes can be run in a single test handler. In effect, more testing power can be packed into a very small space.

    Tester of choice for high volume or high mix testing
    When seeking a solution which prevents testing phase bottlenecks in the production, in terms of quality, cycle time, change-over time and maintenance, this is the ideal tester. The overall added value the solution affords has made it the tester of choice for world-class manufacturers.
    Due to its efficiency and flexibility, Cencorp 2000 ML is the perfect solution for testing processes with high volumes and or high product mix. It is used in functional testing, camera checking, software downloading, boundary scan test, RF measurements and various electrical measurements.
    Cencorp 2000 ML is a 3rd generation product which has benefited from more than ten years of experience in cutting-edge testing solutions. Its graphical user interface, with Product Routing Configuration software, makes the system extremely easy to program and operate.

    One single platform
    Our standard solutions are based on a single platform and module strategy. However, customer specific modules can be built when required to meet the testing process requirements.

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      noimageLike machine name states, this version of the MLT can be equipped with 4 test boxes. It is a perfect match for solutions that do not require that high capacity than MLT 2000 provides with 8 individual test stations. Due to the lower amount of test boxes, both lifters (input and output) are equipped with single level conveyors.

      MLT 4 is a perfect match for the processes, where test times are somewhat shorter and thus 4 parallel test stations provide enough capacity.

      Both MLT 2000 and MLT 4 shares the same test box structure and thus they are compatible. In fact we would like to call them as test platforms. This means that you can start up your production with MLT 4 and in case the capacity demand is doubled, there is no need to increase the line length of the machine. Simply replace MLT 2000 with MLT 4, add 4 more test boxes and you have doubled your capacity within the same footprint.

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